Bird Scooters

What is it: A scooter which people can pay to use for a certain period of time via an app on their phone.

Challenge : Get more people to use Bird scooters

Platform/Solution: Communicate to people that it is socially acceptable to be lazy by encouraging them to ride these scooters walkable distances in broad daylight.

Insight : Sometimes walking just sucks. Tag Line : Why walk

1.) Embrace your inner potato.
2.) Because 5 blocks away is 4 and half blocks too far.
3.) You don’t need to be in a rush you just need to be lazy.

Sources: Googles images Bird scooters. Extensions

Extension Title : You are what you eat.
Idea: We’d award Bird customers potato points. The shorter the distance you use the bird to travel the more potato points you’d be awarded. These points could then be redeemed at local fast food establishments such as Mc. Donalds, or Burger King to purchase french fries.




Client : Sweet N Low

What is it? : A zero calorie artificial sweetener that people usually put in their coffee or tea. 

Challenge : Get more people to use Sweet N Low.  

Platform/Solution : Sweet N Low does't taste like real sugar, but it tastes about as close as it gets to real sugar. In this campaign we'd communicate to people how Sweet N Low is just as shamelessly insincere as most of us are when the real thing just isn't an option. 

Insight : Fake yet compelling. 

Tag Line : Real Enough 

Headlines : 

1.) Your new haircut looks great 

2.)  Honey. I love spending time with your parents. Honest. 

3.)  Why no officer I have no idea how fast I was going. 

Sources : Google Images

. :  Image of Sweet N Low Logo


Client : Joy Bird Furniture

What is it : Joybird sells customizable luxury furniture. They’re known for their high quality service, and customer care. Their key benefit is that they offer a lot of options when customizing your purchase.

Challenge : Not enough people know they can order hand made, stylish home furniture tailored to their liking.

Platform/Solution : Joybird’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, and customization options make it the ideal choice for even most hard to please consumers. In this campaign we’d communicate to potential buyers that Joybird can satisfy even the most particular of consumer.

Notes : All the headlines are taken word for word from real customer reviews.  

Insight : We cater to pedantic 

Tag Line : Here to Accommodate your crazy


1.) Quote from product review : “The foam is more firm than you would expect… but not to firm so not necessarily in a bad way” 

2.) Quote from product review : “I LOVE the material used in the leather ottoman. Sometimes after I've had a long day I like to just run my hands back and forth over the stiching while I read a book or watch TV. It always helps to quell my nerves” 

3.) Quote from product review “Admittedly I did start to perspirate while my sofa was being installed out of fear of it not feeling as I had imagined it would. However once I sat down I learned two things. The first being that I need to start applying more deodorant in the morning, and the second that I was silly to doubt Joybird's Craftsmanship.”

Sources : Product images & Logo from Joybird's Website


Extensions : For Extensions I thought it might be fun to show all the different color swatches they offer by handing out hyper ventilation bags when people enter the store. The other idea would be to make stress balls that people squeeze, but in the shape of their furniture. 



Client: Uber

Challenge : Get more people to use Uber pool. 

Platform/Solution : Historically there have always been spaces where the barriers between one another either drop, or are temporarily lowered as a result of us sharing something in common. Be it riding the same elevator, waiting in the same line for something, or even sharing the same mode of transportation. Uber pool affords you that extra opportunity to run into that someone you never knew you were looking for. 

Insight : The best nights are the ones we never see coming

Headline : The best nights are the ones we never see coming

Additional Context : This campaign would be almost entirely visual, and would most likely be in the form of a commercial. 

Source : Google Images

. : Image of Uber's Logo