Don't Judge!

Two years ago after I had just finished my two years at Santa Barbara City College,  I thought for certain that I wouldn't be able to see my friends anymore as all the schools I was likely to transfer to were really far away. I thought why not commemorate our time together by shooting a riske cat calendar. That's exactly what we did. The two guys you'll see are my best friends. The cat (her name is Peach) belongs to me and best friend/former roommate (i.e. the guy embracing me in April). When I was talking with your alumni about what might be worth sending in the application, they suggested I attach any creative projects.

We booked a photographer to shoot 12 different look for us. In each month we tried to do a theme. For instance, for December we did Christmas, for October we did Halloween, and for the months we couldn't think of anything we just wung it. That's why in April you'll see my friend and I trying to pose like Jon and Yoko did from their Rolling Stone cover. We also picked a personal theme for our birthday months. I was on a health kick back then which is why you'll see a bunch of oranges and apples in March. My blonde friend used to party a lot which is why you'll see a bottle of Jose in June. We printed 30 copies of these at Costco and gave them to our friends and families. They thought the calendars were really weird, we thought they were really funny. Sometimes when I go back to Santa Barbara and I'd be out these guys people would approach us saying "Hey I saw you in this cat calendar one of our friends put up in our kitchen". It has happened four times and every time without shame we're just like "yep that's us".